Cash Generator Franchise

We are THE place to get unbelievable bargains, fantastic trade in deals and super fast cash, in your hand, all day, every day, plus we have so much more in our store!

We Buy, We Sell, We Offer Buyback.

6 Norfolk Place, Berwick Hills, TS3 7PB

01642 240054


Next to the Post Office

Sign up below for offers

Sign up below for OFFERS

    We will be pleased to offer the following services

    Great Bargains

    Hundreds or pre-owned and new items at amazing prices

    Raise Cash

    Raise instant cash on your unwanted goods by selling them to us.


    Raise cash against your goods with the option to buy them back.

    Layaway Items

    Pay a small deposit and take 12 weeks to pay the balance.

    We will be pleased to offer the following services

    Raise money on your unwanted goods

    You can then either sell to us outright and take the cash,
    or we will hold your goods for 28 days and you can buy them back.

    20% Deposit and Weekly Payments Available

    All items over £20 can be put on our "Layaway Scheme"
    No Interest Paid
    20% Deposit and upto 12 weekly payments

    Instant Cash

    Best prices paid on items


    Guarantee on all items

    Shop Local

    At Low Prices

    Pre-Owned Items

    Tested and Cleaned

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