Ben 10 Power Trip for Microsoft Xbox One / Series X (Brand New)


In Ben 10: Power Trip on Xbox, Ben and his family are on vacation in Europe – but once the evil magician Hex unlocks a powerful curse, it’s hero time! Play through a new adventure as Ben 10, or join Kevin Levin for local split-screen co-op.

Hex has cursed Europe by the power of 4 mysterious crystals, summoning monstrous visitors from the Void. Now only you can save the day. Strap on the Omnitrix and get ready to transform into powerful aliens like Diamondhead, Four Arms and Heatblast.

Battle deadly enemies, solve fun puzzles and explore an exciting 3D world of secrets and adventures in the Ben 10: Power Trip Xbox game. Explore the cities, forests and mountains of Europe and help out the townspeople you meet along the way.

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