Cadet Judge – Judge Dredd 2 Figures & 4 Game Cards Miniatures Game Brand New


Inducted into the Academy of Law at the tender age of five, cadet candidates are subject to rigorous academic training in all aspects of the Law that governs the North American Mega Cities
In parallel to their academic training, they undergo an intensive physical and mental exercise programme that hones their firearms and close combat skills of life patrolling the streets of the Mega Cities
If a particularly serious situation or crisis demands the Justice Departments deploy more manpower, cadets may be armed and sent out onto the streets.
One highlight of a cadet’s continual assessment is the Hotdog Run, where a group of cadets accompanied by Senior Judges are sent on patrol in the radioactive hell of the Cursed Earth beyond the Mega Citys walls.

Box contains:
2 Warlord Resin Cadet Judge Miniatures
1 Warlord Resin Lawmaster Bike
2 Character Cards
2 Big Meg Cards: Sppressing Fire & Leg Shot

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