Citi-Def – Judge Dredd 6 Figures & 4 Game Cards Miniatures Game Brand New


Each city block in Mega-City One has the right, if not duty, to maintain its own local defence unit to assist the Justice Department against threats both foreign and domestic.
Unfortunately time and again its become apparent that when average citizens with their usual share of grudges, grievances and paranoias have access to military grade equipment the most mundane law enforcement situations can escalate disastrously out of hand.
A City-Def unit not only has access to personal armour and military grade small arms, but each unit will also has a nominally secure arsenal of explosives and heavy weapons.
This gives the Justice Department two painful headaches. Firstly criminal elements needing access to weapons and training need only join the local Citi-Def and secondly the pressures of Mega City life have created a new fomr of mass psychosis: Black Mania, which materialises as open warfare between neighbouring blocks

Box contains:
6 Warlord resin Citi-Def miniatures
Plastic Bases
2 Unit Cards
1 Armoury Card: Peepers
1 Big Meg Card: Hit’em With Everything

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