Doom Eternal for Microsoft Xbox One (Pre Owned)


Set in the aftermath of events from the previous Doom instalment, the forces of hell have started to invade Earth in Doom Eternal. As the Doomslayer, you’ll need to push through and be ruthless to survive. Armed with a range of devastatingly powerful weapons, including a new ballista and the classic plasma rifle, you’ll battle Pain Elementals, Arachnotrons and many more gruesome creatures along the way.

There’s a host of new abilities to help you through the environment, too. Wall-climbing and a grappling hook make it easier to avoid attacks and surprise enemies, while a shoulder-mounted flamethrower helps clear your path ahead.

Take on the role of the Doomslayer and defeat the hellish demons that overrun the world in Doom Eternal.

Case has some small marks from storage
Disc is in really good condition

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