Instant Chef Party (Nintendo Switch) Brand New


• Salty or Sweety? Choose between our 2 mouth-watering boards to start your gaming session.
• Select your avatar among 6 budding cooks: Maï, Luc, Giovanni, Sidney, Pedro & Sarah – and don’t let the chef’s hat impress you!
• Roll the ‘spicy, hopeless, salty’ dices and move forward… or not! Our whimsical dices might provoke some unwanted reactions.
• Challenge up to 4 buddies in user-friendly and funny various mini-games thanks to the motion-gaming technology
• ‘Chance’ cards, ‘Co-Op’ or ‘One Versus All’ mode… everything is here to spice up your game.
• Be the fastest, be the most skilful… but to be the Star of our Show, you’ll have to finish first to our run, in Instant Chef Party.

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