Judge Dredd Miniatures Game Book


Judge Dredd is a skirmish tabletop miniatures battle game for 2 or more players set in the Judge Dredd universe created by the legendary comic creators John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra. In it Street Judges patrol the towering City Blocks and crammed streets of the vast megalopolis Mega City One, a city full of criminals, gangs, crazies amd murderers. Only the uncompromising resolves of the Judges stands in the way of total lawlessness.

In Judge Dredd, players take control of a small team of Judges or Perps as they fight for justice or survival in the mean streets of Mega City One and beyond.

This book contains all the rules you need to play Judge Dredd including senarios, weapon rules and profile lists to create your own patrol of Judges and criminal gangs for them to sentence.

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