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Race your way all the way to the top and become a legend of the racetracks in the PS5 Project CARS 3. Within the vast career mode you get to race and collect over 200 top brand cars and 140 famous racetracks. Earn credits and XP, progress your career and unlock them all.

You can customise your vehicles’ visuals all the way from decals down to the license plate, and you can suit up the driver as well. The racetracks are also rarely the same. With all four seasons, weather and daytime dynamically shifting, you’ll keep discovering new beauties in each track.

The driving model is designed to satisfy everyone, from a Sunday newbie driver to a seasoned pro. You can scale driving assists, beginning at an easy arcade ride and ending as an unforgiving simulator, testing your skills to the fullest. The thrilling sense speed stays the same though, no matter the settings.

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