SJS Judge Gerhart – Judge Dredd 2 Figures & 4 Game Cards for Miniatures Game Brand New


Now more than 75% Cyborg, Alex Gerhart was an up‐and‐coming star in the sinister ranks of the Special Judicial Squad. Unfortunately, like so many of his colleagues, he had an unhealthy obsession with Judge Dredd. Not only had the venerable Judge been instrumental in exposing the worst excesses of the SJS under Judge Cal, he also represented the one thing that the SJS could simply not process: an incorruptible Judge.

For several years, Gerhart pursued a vendetta against Dredd to uncover some transgression, no matter how small. While investigating the death of a Tek Judge, he unsuccessfully tried to force Dredd to admit having a guilty conscience about the 350 million citizens who fell to the Chaos Virus, a bio‐weapon unleashed by Sov agents in revenge for Dredd destroying East‐Meg One.

Ultimately Gerhart’s obsession with Dredd would cost him dearly. He saved Dredd’s life by taking the impact of a missile meant for his nemesis. He simply could not let Dredd die before guilt was fully proven. Gerhart’s self‐sacrifice saw fully half of his shattered body being replaced by cybernetic parts.

Box Contains
2 Warlord resin SJS Judge Gerhart Miniatures
1 Warlord resin Lawmaster Bike
2 Character Cards
1 Big Meg Card: Stookie Glands
1 Armoury Card: Frag Grenade

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