Specialist Judges – Judge Dredd 5 Figures & 9 Game Cards Miniatures Game Brand New


Some Judges display an affinity with machines, an understanding of the workings of the human body, or display psionic talents. Such individuals are given special training and access to advanced curricula.

Psi Division moulds cadets displaying psychic talents into Psi-Judges, who bring the Law to the Mega-City in less than conventional ways.

Tek Judges maintain the Justice Department’s vehicles, weapons and other equipment while also aiding with forensics, technological threats, and advanced intrusion techniques.

Med Judges aid Judges, civilians and perpetrators injured in Justice Department operations, often from special quick reaction ambulance units.

Recent Justice Department casualties have been so great that the controversial Mechanismo robot Judges, with full judicial authority, were created by Tek Division.

Box Contains:
5 Warlord Resin Specialist Judge Miniatures
7 Unit Cards – PSI Judge, Med Judge, Mechanismo Mk II, Tek Judge, Veteran Street Judge, Senior Judge & Judge
2 Armoury Cards – Riot Shield & Psi Defences

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