Subsonic – Stereo Gaming Headset with micro X-Storm X-1000 for Playstation 4 – PS4 – Xbox One


The X-Storm tactical headset for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC is a great stereo headset with a built in rotating microphone. The headset features a volume control and a microphone ‘mute’ function which can be easily enabled when needed. The headset is very easy to install and conveniently plugs into your 3.5mm mini jack port on your PS4 controller, NEW Xbox One controller, or PC output port.
Microphone mute function
Comfortable padded ear cushions
Suitable for the NEW Xbox One controller and PS4 controller which has a 3.5mm mini jack connection
Also suitable for PC’s with a 3.5mm output port Stereo headset with microphone.
Noise cancelling function.
Ultra-comfortable padded cushion.
Length of cable: 4.8 meters.
HDMI cable and AV adapter cable not included.

Availability: 2 in stock

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